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Children's Christmas Party at the Embassy of Angola

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The Embassy of Angola in Moscow staged a X-party for the children of diplomats and other staff members which has already become a tradition with this Diplomatic Mission. The 2015 Christmas Party was held under the motto: "How to discover the grace of God in Jesus?"
The Party in the Embassy Main Hall offered the children and adults a good chance to associate during a friendly lunch, hand-over of X-mas presents, music, dances and entertainment program. Santa Clause featured among the participants with two religious messages and blessings transmitted by the representatives of the elder generation and appreciated by the audience.
A few Bible episodes followed the prayers and thus completed the address delivered by Ambassador's wife Teresa de Fátima de Lemos. She pondered over the Christmas phenomenon and its true significance having concluded that the 25th of December is destined for spiritual meditation.
The entertainment part of the program included competitions in sack-race, blindfold race, musical chairs game, kids fashion defile and quizzes for children together with their parents and mentors.
Santa Claus, dressed in his traditional red gown, with glasses on his nose and a bell and a bag in his hands, awarded the children with the presents they had truly deserved. The adult quiz winners also were given souvenirs. Nobody was left without a X-mas gift. As the holiday proved to be a success, the children liked to recall these festivities of the previous year.

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