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Герб и флаг Анголы

The Constitution (Constitutional Law) declared in 1975, was later changed several times. For the first time, the Constitutional Law was revised in 1991 during preparations for the elections of 1992. The next series of amendments to the Constitution were introduced in 1994, after the conclusion of Lusaka Agreements. The main purpose of the amendments has always been establishing democracy in Angola and guaranteeing the recognition of individual rights and freedoms, as well as basic principles of market economy.
The main state power institutions, independent of each other, are now engaged in discussing and developing the text of a new Constitution. This discussion is centered on the Parliament and spreads more and more affecting a still greater number of social strata and sectors as they declare that they also belong to the “society of citizens”. The ongoing discussion embraces not only a new draft of the Constitution but also a whole series of amendments that should be made to the laws now in force, for example, “The Law about the Press”, and involved in this discussion are many various public organizations.