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General information


Official name of the country: Republic of Angola
President: Jose Eduardo Dos Santos
President of the National Assembly: Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos
Premier: Antоnio Paulo Cassoma
Political system: multiparty democracy combined with a semi-presidential power system, formed by the following state power bodies: President of the Republic, National Assembly, Government and courts
Party in power: MPLA
Main oppositional party: UNITA
Political and administrative division of the country: 18 provinces with 163 municipalities.
Ethnic origin of the nation: mainly Bantu peoples
Political origin of the country: Portugal’s colony (for 500 years).
Date of declaration of independence: 11 November 1975, after 14 years of armed national liberation struggle.
First government: MPLA.
First President: Agostinho Antonio Neto (1975-1979)
First arrival of the Portuguese: 1482 (Diogo Cao)
Foundation of the first town (Luanda): 1605
Formation of the MPLA: 1956
Beginning of the armed struggle: 1961
Day of National Independence: 11 November 1975
Death of Agostinho Antonio Neto: September 10, 1979
Presidential inauguration of Jose Eduardo Dos Santos: September 21, 1979
Signing of the New York Agreement: September 22, 1988
Signing of the Gbadolite Agreement: June 22, 1989
Signing of the «Protocol of Bessassi»: May 31, 1991
First national elections: September 29-30, 1992
Signing of the «Protocol of Lusaka»: November 20, 1994
Assumption of office by the Unity and National Reconciliation Government: April 11, 1997
Signing of the Memorandum on mutual understanding (Peace Agreement), as a supplement to the Protocol of Lusaka: April 4, 2002